Diploma Options

Beyond the minimum graduation requirements, PHS students have the option of earning additional endorsements, designations, and seals on their diploma.

These help to personalize a student's diploma and show evidence of a student's:

  • passion in a particular area,

  • purpose to pursue a career field or area of study and,

  • proficiency on specific assessments.

Earning stackable credentials (endorsements, college credits and/or industry certifications) while in high school provides our students with a competitive edge, externally validates the quality of education they are receiving, and reduces the cost of post-secondary education for our students and families.

Diploma Seals enable students to personalize their diploma and motivate students to meet additional high standards beyond those needed to earn a high school diploma and purposefully pursue learning experiences aligned to their passions. Diploma seals externally validate the achievements of our high school students and document their proficiency with specific skills needed for success in college and careers. Learn more.

Honor Societies allow PHS students the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency and be externally recognized for academic excellence through numerous state and national organizations. We encourage students to review these options and reach out to their school counselors with any questions. Learn more.