diploma seals

The Diploma Seals serve as a means to personalize and enhance Ponaganset High School's diploma by encouraging students to purposefully pursue their passions and demonstrate their proficiency.

Each Rhode Island State Council Designation or seal externally validates achievements of high school students, through flexible and personalized high school learning experiences, to allow public recognition of specific skills and to incentivize students to meet additional high standards beyond those needed to earn a high school diploma.

The RI Commissioner’s Seal Council Designation certifies that a student is proficient in standards that are aligned to high school expectations in English Language Arts and Mathematics, as confirmed by external evidence.

The RI Seal of Biliteracy Council Designation certifies that a student has demonstrated skill in the use of the English language and one or more other world languages.

RI CTE/Post-Secondary Seal certifies that a student has accomplished deep learning in a chosen area of interest, has earned college credits and/or industry certifications, and is prepared for further education or employment in a career path.

In addition, Ponaganset CTE Programs provide students the opportunity to earn RI CTE/Post-Secondary Seals.