Personalized opTIONS

Ponaganset provides personalized opportunities for students to make purposeful choices about the pace, mode, and location of the learning experiences that prepare them to succeed in college and careers.

Students may acquire their course credits and develop their Foundational Knowledge and Transferrable Skills through academic classes, career (CTE) classes, online classes, and college classes offered on-site, as well as self-paced, independent, and out-of-school learning experiences, and competency-based testing.

Opportunities include:

AP/Honors Classes

All students at Ponaganset are encouraged to challenge themselves with the most rigorous coursework possible to best prepare them for careers and college. These include a variety of Advanced Placement courses as well as honors-level courses. Learn more.

College Courses

Ponaganset offers a number of dual and concurrent college enrollment courses, which enable students to earn credit at numerous colleges and universities. PHS also participates in the Early Enrollment Program (EEP), the CCRI Running Start Program, and the Johnson & Wales University’s Access Program. Many of the courses offered in our academic and CTE departments are also eligible for college credit. Learn more.

Online High School Courses

Students at PHS have access to a broad array of online high school course offerings through Virtual High School, All Course Network and Edgenuity. Learn more.

Work-Based Learning (WBL)

WBL is a planned and structured authentic learning experience that is closely connected to business and industry. These quality experiences can include internships, service learning, school-based enterprises, and industry projects, and students may earn work-based learning hours in their CTE classrooms and schools as well as outside-of-school. Learn more.