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Work-Based Learning (WBL) is a planned and structured authentic learning experience that is closely connected to business and industry. WBE promotes and supports students gaining the skills, knowledge and experiences required by employers. These career-focused experiences can include internships, service learning, school-based enterprises and industry projects, and students may earn work-based learning hours in their CTE classrooms as well as through approved outside-of-school experiences. The Work-Based Learning ecosystem at Ponaganset High School integrates the school, community and the workplace by providing students with the chance to participate in real-world or simulated work experiences where they will be able to develop and apply a blend of academic, technical, and essential (professional) skills such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking.


Work-based learning opportunities can be used to earn credits towards graduation, earn required WBL hours in a CTE program, or to become more prepared for college and career by expanding a student's knowledge and skills.

Work-Based Learning Hours

Work-Based Learning Hours (not for credits)

All approved Work-Based Learning hours will be documented and entered into a database on the Richer Picture platform. These hours will then be provided to the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE).

*Note: Students enrolled in CTE programs must complete a minimum of 80 hours of approved work-based learning experiences over the course of the program

Work-based learning is dynamic and prepares students for success in their future college and career choices. Business, industry, and post-secondary institutions value the time that students spend involved in work-based learning, so it’s important to include your experiences on your resume and job and college applications!


Up to 2 credits towards graduation may be earned through the completion of an approved internship.

Ponaganset High School Internship Program Prerequisite: The application procedure includes meeting with the career coordinator to procure the required paperwork; submitting all required paperwork and obtaining final approval of the internship by the program coordinator/pathway teacher/school counselor, and the principal must be completed before an internship is approved. Consideration for participation will also be based upon current academic performance, attendance, and conduct. Ponaganset High School provides students with the opportunity to earn career-related credit (s) by combining ongoing significant work experience with academic study. The purpose of this course is to provide a practical introduction to the professional work environment through direct contact with professionals in the community and the state. Students will participate in a workplace experience that enhances their career awareness and understanding of the responsibilities and skills needed to maintain employment. Furthermore, students will broaden their understanding of how academic, technical, and personal skills are connected and when blended together, lead to success in the workplace. Participants will be evaluated based upon a rubric that assesses workplace readiness skills. In addition, each student will complete written reflections that will be submitted bi-weekly. Completion of an internship will help to prepare students to make more informed decisions regarding future academic study and career choice. These quality internship experiences will also promote the development of essential skills such as collaboration and teamwork, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, initiative, self-directedness, and professionalism.

Outcomes for students include: the ability to earn wages and/or academic credit; demonstrate knowledge of an occupation and industry while learning about a professional culture; demonstrate growth in technical and essential skills.

*Note: Students seeking an internship opportunity must also provide transportation to their off-site location.

Students must complete a minimum of 75 hours for .5 credit per semester. A total of 2 credits may be earned with a minimal completion of 300 total contact hours.



The first step in applying for a work-based learning credit opportunity is to contact the career coordinator and schedule an initial meeting to discuss possibilities for an internship. A student’s interests and school schedule are considered, as well as current academic performance, attendance, and conduct. The career coordinator provides the required forms that must be completed and the student then submits the paperwork. The career coordinator and student consult with the student’s school counselor and final approval of the internship includes approval by the career coordinator, school counselor, program teacher (when applicable), and the principal.


Additional information can be obtained by contacting the career coordinator at The career coordinator’s office is located in the school counseling suite in the front office at PHS.

Work-based learning hours are tracked using the P3 system to meet RI Diploma System requirements.