AP/Honors Courses

All students at Ponaganset are encouraged to challenge themselves with the most rigorous coursework possible to best prepare them for careers and college.

These include a variety of Advanced Placement courses as well as honors-level courses.

Advanced Placement courses are open to students in grades ten through twelve. Students may select from a multitude of different AP course selections – several of which are offered online through VHS (Virtual High School). Advanced Placement courses provide the highest level of challenge offered at Ponaganset. Students will follow the College Board AP curriculum throughout the year and participate in an AP Exam in May, which could lead to college credit.

Honors courses allow students to challenge themselves with coursework that moves at a faster pace and gets into great depth than college placement courses in order to enhance preparation for post-secondary education.

advanced placement courses

The Advanced Placement courses offered at PHS are:

  • Art History VHS

  • Biology

  • Calculus

  • Calculus BC VHS

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Science Principles

  • ​Computer Science A

  • Economics Micro/Macro VHS

  • English Language VHS

  • English Literature & CompositionEnvironmental Science

  • European History VHS

  • French Language VHS

  • Government & Politics VHS

  • Music Theory

  • Physics

  • Physics C VHS

  • Psychology VHS

  • Statistics

  • Studio Art

  • US History

  • World History VHS

Please consult the current PHS Program of Studies for an updated list.

honors courses

The honors courses offered at PHS are:

  • English 9 - 12

  • Algebra II

  • Geometry

  • Pre-Calculus

  • Spanish IV EEP

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Physical Science

  • U.S. History EEP

  • Modern World

  • Early Civilizations

  • Humanities

  • 20th Century History

  • World Cultures

  • East Asian History

  • Studio Art

  • Ceramics III

  • Vocal Ensemble I - IV

  • Music History EEP

  • Music Tech I - III EEP

  • Instrumental Ensemble I – IV

  • PLTW* Intro to Engineering Design

  • PLTW* Principles of Engineering

  • PLTW* Computer Science Essentials

  • PLTW* Cybersecurity

  • PLTW* Aerospace Engineering

  • PLTW* Digital Electronics

  • PLTW* Engineering Design & Development

  • PLTW* Human Body Systems

  • PLTW* Medical Interventions

  • PLTW* Biomedical Innovation

PLTW* (Project Lead The Way)

Please consult the current PHS Program of Studies for an updated list.

Additional AP offerings may be available through the All Course Network.