CTE/Post-Secondary seals

CTE/Post-Secondary Seal - COMING SOON!

The purpose of the CTE/Post-Secondary Seal is to certify that a student has accomplished deep learning in a chosen area of interest, has earned college credits and/or industry certifications, and is prepared for further education or employment in a career path. These credentials will be available beginning with the Class of 2024 or sooner.

The specific criteria are still being defined. More information will be posted soon.

RI Pathway Credential Seal Option

Students in a Ponaganset CTE Program have the opportunity to earn a RI Pathway Seal. This can be earned through completion of a three-course sequence, minimum work-based learning hours, and earning an industry credential and/or college credit as defined by the CTE Program standards.

The specific criteria is still being defined by the state. More information will be posted soon.

RI CTE/Post-Secondary Seals add value to the diploma system by:

  • Signaling to employers, colleges, universities, training programs, and the military that a student has completed a comprehensive, in-depth, and applied course of study in a specialized area

  • Cultivating transferable work habits including self-reflection, self-direction, and perseverance through purposeful and meaningful planning of learning experiences

  • Promoting engagement, effectiveness, and growth by allowing for choice in how, when, and in what ways students learn and demonstrate learning

  • Supporting learning opportunities that are diverse, rigorous, and connected to the world outside of the school building.


Will the seal appear on the diploma? Yes

Will the seal appear on the final transcript? Yes

CTE Programs and Pathways that MAY lead to Endorsements


Pathway Endorsement Council Designation Requirements:

Students are eligible to earn a RI Pathway Endorsement if they have successfully completed three components:

  • academic study,

  • work-based learning

  • application of skills through the Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs).

In addition, students must...

  • declare their intent to pursue this endorsement before the end of their Sophomore year.

  • The student’s learning plan and Portfolio Badge will be added to their Digital Portfolio at the time of declaration.

CTE Program Students are eligible to earn a Pathway Endorsement Council Designation if...

  • the CTE courses satisfy the academic study requirement.

  • the CTE program will embed the work-based learning requirement.

  • students complete a Passion Project that is tightly aligned to their CTE program.