Ponaganset's Mission is to empower future-ready graduates with passion, purpose, and proficiency to Start Here and Go Big.

What role does the P3 Ponaganset Personalized Portfolio play in achieving the PHS Mission?


The P3 is where Ponaganset students exhibit evidence of how they have met our mission through a collection of the student’s best work, credentials, and experiences that demonstrate growth and development over time and readiness to graduate.

At its core, a typical portfolio is simply a body of student work. The Ponaganset Personalized Portfolio or P3 aims to do more. It serves as a digital space for students to add content that demonstrates their learning and preparation for life beyond high school in a variety of ways.

The RicherPicture digital platform allows for students to create individual collections of evidence to help students document their goals, skills, learning, and reflections on progress over time, creating a showcase of their strongest work. The platform gives Ponaganset teachers and staff access to validate the evidence and support the students in their journey towards graduation and parents & guardians access to view a student’s portfolio.

Is the P3 Ponaganset Personalized Portfolio new?

No, in fact, it has been in existence since 2003 when Ponaganset was one of the first comprehensive high schools in the country to adopt a portfolio as a graduation requirement. Since then students have been tracking evidence of achievement of the school’s graduation standards.

The system and expectations have changed greatly over time. During the evolution of the portfolio system, the system has grown beyond simply collecting and reflecting upon entries to a much more comprehensive system of personal expression, documentation, and reporting that facilitates many requirements and initiatives in one place. The system has changed so much that it necessitated a name change from the “digital portfolio” to the P3 or Ponaganset Personalized Portfolio. This change reflects the portfolio of tools within the system that allows a student to personalize their journey with more options for entering artifacts, choices of graduation badges, and designations all in a system that’s better informed by their Individualized Learning Plan (or ILP) and a data dashboard.

How does this fit into our vision of a graduate?

In the end, while the graduates leave with tangible products of resumes, work products they create, credentials and more, the greatest gain is likely the skills and experiences gained through the process of creating, reflecting, setting and achieving goals, communicating, thinking, displaying citizenship and learning how they learn.

Ponaganset graduates no longer simply acquire credits to graduate but must demonstrate proficiency in required skills and participate a series of experiences in order to prove that they are ready to be competitive in their post-secondary pursuits.