all course network


All students in Rhode Island have the option of participating in and earning credits from the All Course Network.

What is the Advanced Course Network?

The Advanced Coursework Network (ACN) offers four types of courses offered by colleges, schools and districts, community-based partners, and the Department of Labor and Training (DLT) approved training programs, to help expand course options for students around the state, outside of their traditional school day.

All courses in the ACN offer students high school credit and many offer college credit or other postsecondary credentials. The school or district which the student attends is responsible for deciding the type of credit awarded (i.e. core credit, elective, etc.).

Why Should I Participate in Advanced Courses? Whether you or your student is planning on attending college or planning to go to work after high school, we have courses for you! The courses will help you to gain real-world experience in your desired field of work, and/or will also give you the opportunity to test out college-level courses and potentially help put you ahead in college.

What Types of Courses are Offered?

All courses are offered with face-to-face, blended, or fully online options.

The four types of courses offered include:

1. Work-based Learning – Hands-on learning with industry professionals

2. Career Credential courses - Courses that result in an industry-recognized credential

3. Dual Enrollment – College courses that must be minimum 3 credits that are offered by the private colleges and universities in Rhode Island that result in college credit

4. Advanced Placement – College-level coursework that culminates in an AP exam. Many colleges accept high AP exam scores as college credit.

5. Enrichment Courses - A wide variety of course to enrich a student's learning.

For a list of courses visit the All Course Network (ACN) Family Information Tool

For additional information visit the All Course Network homepage.

Students should contact their school counselor prior to registering for ACN courses to ensure that any credits will transfer to PHS.

A student wishing to be a full time virtual student, must make the request through the office of the Assistant Superintendent. Grading policy and drop/add policy is implemented as stated above.