PHS Vision of a graduate

It is through the P3 that students can demonstrate proficiency in the 4 Graduation Competencies named in the PHS Vision of a Graduate:

A Ponaganset High School graduate is a...

Graduation COmpetencies - Requirements

The Ponaganset Personalized Portfolio requires a Ponaganset Graduate to exhibit proficiency by earning a badge in each Graduation Competency.

Each Graduation Competency Badge is evaluated based on their aligned Transferable Skills. These skills are graded using school-wide rubrics.

It is important to realize that it may take some students longer than others to meet all the badges, but the Transferable Skills represent high standards for all students. All students are required to successfully complete their P3 in order to earn a diploma.

While all students may not demonstrate proficiency on every attempt, all students will have opportunities to demonstrate proficiency in outcomes in all four Transferable Skills. To satisfy the expectations, the student must meet or exceed the standard (earning a score of 3 or higher) on the minimum number of acceptable entries per Transferable Skill. An Acceptable Entry is an assignment/artifact that meets or exceeds at least one learner outcome (3 or 4 out of 4 on a Transferable Skills rubric).

All students are required to keep their P3 up to date for the entire time they are students at PHS. They must participate in required activities, upload evidence and create and participate in an End-of-Year Student-Led Tour in grades 9-11 where they showcase their work and make plans for future growth. For a list of detailed graduation requirements please click here.

All Transferable Skills rubrics can be found on the home pages of all Canvas Courses as well as in Richer Picture.

All students will use a secure service, RicherPicture.com/ponaganset, to access and store all of their P3 materials.


A Ponaganset Graduate will also acquire badges in Financial Literacy, a CTE Program, as well as complete a Passion Project.

If you are a parent/guardian of PHS student, use the information provided by the high school to log onto RicherPicture for details about your student.